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Pomello turns your Trello cards into Pomodoro® tasks. This little timer is packed with features to supercharge your productivity for your daily tasks or life-changing dreams.

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Over 1,998,541 Pomodoros completed

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Synced to Trello

Uses Trello to organize your tasks. This means all the extra goodness that Trello has to offer.

What's Trello?
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Proven effectiveness

Employs the popular Pomodoro Technique, a tried and true method to supercharge your productivity.

The Pomodoro Technique?

Distraction-free design

Uses minimal screen real estate with its simple but intuitive interface. Yet its still packed with tons of features.

What others are saying

"Thank you for this amazing app. It helps me keep track of time and get my tasks done on a daily basis."

M.A. Constantin

"After using Pomello for about a month now, I must say, it single handedly skyrocketed my productivity."

Paula Shin

"This is the best thing that ever happened to me. Thank you for this tool. It is helping me focus so much better."

Ruan Pienaar

Thousands of people rely on Pomello to stay productive and accomplish more. Find out why.

Pomello is available for free on Mac, Windows, and Linux.

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